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"Our love for cycling is what drives us to improve the life of our customers, fellow cyclists, each and every single day."

Lzr Lights is an actual 'by bikers, for bikers' company originally founded in Brussels, Belgium. We now cater to clients all over europe and the united states. 
It is no secret that Belgians are passionate about cycling. Over here enthusiasm for the sport borders on fanaticsm.
That is why we proudly stand by the rule to only provide products that we use and love ourselfs. We rigirously test our products for 100's of rides and demanding tests before we even think about offering them to our customers.
We like to think of our products as the ultimate combination of usability, performance and price.
Keeping you safe and on your bike is our mission.

The future awaits, with new challenges, new lights and no limits, Make Your Mark.

The Lzr. Lights team