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In your search for your ideal bike light, you have without a doubt compared various lights with different outputs. Some manufacturers like to use the amount of Lumen a light produces, some use Lux. What is the difference and who is correct?  

Lumen is a measure for the amount of light a LED or bulb produces, independant from other factors like distance, angle,...
A light could be for example rated at 1000 lumens but when it projects this light for 360* around the light, the actual usefull light is very dim compared to the rating.
Lumen is not an ideal way to measure the brightness of a bike light. 

Lux tells you how much light is hitting a certain surface. 
For bike lights, this means you actually know how much of the produced light is actually usefull for lighting the road.
This is actually a much better way of describing the brightness of a bike light.
Beware though, the amount of lux depends on the distance from the light to the measure point.
For example, a light that puts out 350 Lux at 0.5 meter sounds great but this equates roughly to only 50 Lux at 1.5 meters.